Twenty-Two Weeks: Six months down!

I can’t believe I’ve been pregnant for six months already!  It seems like this pregnancy is flying by in a lot of ways and seems to go by quicker the further along we get.  Though I’ve had a much harder time with sickness this go round than I had with Maddie, I find I am enjoying being pregnant… not jumping for joy, mind you, but more in a bittersweet, “this is my last” sort of way.  And perhaps there is even more magic this time around, now knowing how much love and life this little baby will add to our family, something that we couldn’t even begin to imagine as we eagerly awaited Maddie’s arrival.

Nesting might be kicking in, as I spent the vast majority of yesterday cleaning the flat from top to bottom, something that’s not been done in quite a while given my morning sickness.  I’m actually sore all over today from cleaning and it’s times like these that I can’t believe there was a time I used to exercise forty minutes a day… what was that like again??


We had a much-needed weekend in the sun after I’ve been largely house-bound all week long: first with the flu, and then with the most painful pulled back muscle I’ve ever had.  I’ve been so frustrated, unable to enjoy much of anything, unable to DO much of anything, thanks to the fact I appear to be falling apart at the age of twenty-eight.  Even though by the end of the weekend I was back to feeling a bit achy and worn out as the flu symptoms still linger, it did me (and my mood) a world of good.  We enjoyed Saturday brunch outside in the marina, a Sunday BBQ with family, more rock pooling, and we all caught of a touch of sun on our faces.    My sister-in-law gave us Henry’s newborn to three month clothing, and I couldn’t help but pull a few of those tiny pieces out to have a look… I cannot believe we are going to have something that small again!   Time to play catch up this week, but I’ll get there.

This is my jam at the moment:

Twenty-One Weeks: A new identity.

We excitedly went in for our anatomy ultrasound scan today, eager to see our little Bean, and got a bit more than we bargained for:  Bean’s anatomy checked out beautifully and there, waving at us, Bean’s unmistakable  meat and two veg.  Mark and I both burst out laughing as our world suddenly reeled with the unexpected yet exciting news.   After being told Bean was a girl at our elective gender scan, it was quite the shock to be told otherwise, let alone to see it so… well… well defined on screen.  You know what they say: the proof is in the penis.

As I’ve said previously, Mark and I quickly learned after Maddie was born how little gender mattered anyways: we had hoped for a boy, got a girl, and she’s been the single best thing to ever happen to us, a little ass kicker full of life and personality.  So really we expect our world to be rocked by even more love this second time around that could not possibly be affected by what bits the baby has.   It will take some mental pronoun adjustment, but I find it beautiful I’m carrying our son.   A little boy, likely to have the same humongous brown eyes his sister has, the same mop of curly hair, the same little button nose and pouty lips.     We walked out of the hospital on cloud nine, stunned but in a good way, as we get closer to knowing this little baby.

I made the terrible mistake this week of underestimating the power of the hormone relaxin.  Now that I’m starting to feel better (current bout of flu notwithstanding) I started a gentle stretch and yoga routine to help alleviate some of the aches and pains of pregnancy.  I thought I was going gentle, not even going halfway as deep into the moves and stretches as I would have pre-pregnancy, yet I awoke the next morning in terrible pain: I had managed to over stretch every single muscle from just under my armpit all the way down to under my bump on BOTH sides of my body.  Even breathing hurts at the moment, although I suspect some of that muscular pain is being enhanced by the body aches I’ve had with the flu.   I’m starting to wonder if I will ever feel better!