Crockpot jambalaya, new books, sunset at sea, pub evening with a friend, spa day with my in-laws, my Tom Baker scarf progress, and Maddie’s amazing reading progress.   Been super busy lately with a number of projects, namely a few flat updates, Spring cleaning, and a massive purge / organisation crusade on every room… to say nothing of the charming little gentleman that demands my attention and the gorgeous little girl who needs me for homework help each evening!  I’ve been working through these home improvement tasks slowly throughout the weekdays while Maddie is at school and Mark at work, painting walls when Little Man naps and in between routine tasks like laundry and other chores, leaving our weekends free to do fun stuff.   I know this must be incredibly exciting to read about, but I just feel so fulfilled at the moment: the devotion I’m able to show to my family through everything from routine laundry and cooking to big projects like continually building this little nest spurs me on, loving act begetting loving act, creativity begetting creativity.    Each act growing more of the same, to tie in my word of the year, and I hope to continue to ride this high for quite some time to come.

Hang gliders.

I love going up to Devil’s Dyke on clear, beautiful days (like this past Saturday) because inevitably there is always something interesting happening… like the hang gliders this past weekend.   It’s always fun to watch them ride the thermals over the weald, and on this particular day a few of them were really showing off by swooping down quite close over the spectators.   I love random weekend adventures!

Family command centre.

The family command centre was another home idea I found on Pinterest and instantly fell in love with: a centralised location for organising important family dates, commitments, and miscellany in the hopes of keeping everyone on the same page.  Previously I had painted a swath of chalkboard paint on this wall of our kitchen but, as I found out much to my chagrin, a wall need be ideally as smooth as a baby’s bum to pull it off. As such, it was really useless as it was impossible to write on.   So instead I recently took on the task of painting over the chalkboard paint and replacing it with the even better family command centre.   Every command centre I’ve viewed via Pinterest is uniquely different, catering to each family’s needs.   For us, I’ve installed a large frame with a blank calendar (downloadable here) and three smaller frames, each able to be written upon with wipe off marker and used again and again. Additionally I’ve hung a mail sorter for post and miscellany, as well as two small cork boards I covered in fabric for pinning smaller things.   Crowning the whole thing is a vinyl wall sticker I designed online, and overall I’m very pleased with how the whole thing has turned out.   It’s only been within the last week that we’ve been able to start using it, but already I can see what a benefit it will be in our lives!  Linking up with Dream. Create. Inspire.