Instaweekend: Holidaze 2014.

Between colds and the rainy, dreary weather this weekend there wasn’t much opportunity to get out of the flat, so Sunday we stayed in, got a few much needed chores out of the way, and then spent Sunday afternoon digging out the Christmas decor and trimming the tree (and indulging in the required viewing of a few of our favourite holiday movies!).  I absolutely love this time of year, and can never seem to wait when it comes to putting up the festive decor (that child-like excitement for the holidays never left!), which is perfectly okay:  we will get a few extra weeks enjoyment out of cuddling in the warm glow of the Christmas lights.

Dexter: Three Months.

Three months old… where has the time gone?   My sweet little boy is getting bigger by the day, something that leaves me both excited for the next development and incredibly sad to see him move out of that tender newborn stage.   Along with doing his three month photoshoot, Dexter and I stepped on the scale to find my little Lumpkin now weighs in at a hefty 14.2 pounds! Unsurprising given that, much like his growth, his appetite shows no signs of slowing down!  I’m proud to say we’re still going strong on breastfeeding, and I’ve finally reached a point where I can go to bed without a bra and breast pads and not have to worry about soaking the sheets, as supply has finally evened out to meet demand (you’ve got to celebrate the little things!).

Dexter’s sleep pattern has proved interesting as he doesn’t nap much during the day; usually opting for one long, two to three hour nap midday (in contrast, his sister napped three times a day).   Most nights he’s down to only one feed now between seven PM and seven AM, although the last few days have seen another growth spurt and naturally that means getting up more in the night.   We’ve also had another new development this month: teething.  He was so out of sorts yesterday, wailing and chewing on his hands, the pain making it difficult for him to both nap and eat.  Though Maddie started teething around this age, she didn’t actually cut her first tooth until around six or seven months, so something tells me we may be in it for the long haul this time around as well.

I love how interactive Dexter’s becoming, and it pleases me to no end to find new ways to get him to smile and laugh.   He so clearly adores his big sister, smiling and cooing whenever she interacts with him, and loves to watch her play.   He’s also now interacting with toys, reaching out to grasp and hold things, especially on his jungle mat.   And we’ve also seen a front to back roll, although we’ve not seen it since so perhaps it was a one off fluke for the time being.

For fun, a few comparison shots below:   Dexter’s one and three month photos (look how much he’s changed!) and a comparison of Maddie and Dexter, each at eleven weeks old.

Dexter this month:

  • Now weighs 14.2 lbs!
  • Moved into three to six month clothing.
  • Started grasping at objects.
  • Rolled from front to back.
  • Eyes now fully brown (big and dark like his sister’s!)
  • Now breastfed for three months and counting!
  • Started teething.
  • First round of immunisations.
  • Even more nicknames:  Mr. Bobblehead.


Thanksgiving in the UK prep, even more felt, my adorable offspring, and a few hints of Christmas.   Generally the rule of thumb for Christmas decor in America is “after Thanksgiving” and… well… since ours was this past weekend we will soon be digging out the tree and trimmings!  The UK can judge away, we’ll be getting a few extra weeks enjoyment out of our festive lights.    As with every year, I’m enjoying revelling in the end-of-year calm:  the year is done, the only thing left to do is spend these quiet days with family and enjoy the holiday season, this year even more special as we get to celebrate for the first time as a family of four.

I’ve been sick all week, lucky enough that it waited until after our Thanksgiving weekend to strike, but relegated to the couch in the days following as my immune system finally threw in the towel for the first time this season.  Mister Man is easygoing enough that it’s not too challenging throughout the day, but the lack of doing anything (housework, exercise, etc) is starting to get to me… I’m the type of person that thrives on crossing things off my to-do list! Here’s hoping this cold goes away soon, as coming up we’ve got putting up the tree, Christmas photoshoots, visits to Santa’s Grotto, Christmas crafts, holiday half-term,  and more!

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’ll be spending 2015 setting monthly goals and resolutions instead of the big all-year goals, a habit I’ve already been putting into practice for just over a month now.  I had written that I wasn’t sure how much of these goals I was going to share in, and while I’m still not sure I think I’m going to bring back the monthly goals post to the blog for the things I DO share as a means of recapping (more for me and holding myself accountable than anything else) successes and failures in the resolution department.  But I’m excited:  2014 was a huge year for us in adding a whole new person to our family (among other things), and I think 2015 is going to be even better, if for no other reason than I’m going to devote my entire being to making each year more awesome than the last.   Bring on 2015!

More felt.

I am seriously having loads of fun working on the felt garden for Maddie, so I’ve made a few soft toys for Dexter for Christmas as well: above is Yoda’s lightsaber from Star Wars and The Master Sword from Zelda: Ocarina of Time.   While guides can be found online for most of the felt food I’ve been making, these two projects were entirely me, and I’m quite proud of how they turned out.   Still working on the garden and also about to start some Christmas ornaments as well!