Days with both of my littles as Maddie’s school is now out for the holidays,  a trip to Spring Barn Farm to meet Father Christmas, the completed felt garden, a felt chick (part of another set I’m working on at the moment), and some sweet science apps for little kids that Maddie and I have been enjoying together.  There is nothing more rewarding at the moment than spending time with these people I love.

Santa’s Grotto.

Today we took the kids to Spring Barn Farm’s Santa’s Grotto to meet the big man himself. Dexter got a bit fussy waiting, so he wasn’t having any of it (hence no pictures of him with Santa) but it was all worth it for the look on Maddie’s face, who couldn’t believe she was actually meeting Father Christmas.

The first day of Christmas Break.

Today was the first day of Maddie’s month-long break from school for the holidays.  It’s going to be interesting adapting to having both kids home all day, every day, but I think we managed quite well on day one.    We played quite a bit in her room, her little brother delighted in simply being “included,” coloured in some festive Father Christmas colouring sheets, and spent some quality time together.

Last week I planned out a number of activities to do with Maddie whilst on holiday, including baking, arts and crafts, and plenty of STEM experiments.   Today we used batteries to light a small LED light and turned a nail into a magnet.   Of course, we didn’t go into the depths of electromagnetism or anything, but I explained the simple circuit and she seemed to get a kick out of it.    Also lined up:  making the quintessential clay volcano (with baking soda vinegar reaction), making slime, making bouncy balls, simple kitchen chemical reactions, engineering with bridge building, boat making, and a parachute drop (all simple household items).   I’m excited to do these things with her, and she is at an age where she can grasp these simple science concepts.

Today we also dug out the doorway bouncer for Dexter.   I was showing Maddie photos of her when she was Dexter’s age, finding we introduced her to the bouncer at the same week.   He wasn’t too impressed, but I think he may still be a bit too little for it!