New glass.

This little beauty arrived in the post today!   An early thirtieth birthday gift from the Hubs, I came across this lens in general research this year and was immediately intrigued by both its macro and portrait capabilities.   After it arrived I spent a little free time here and there this afternoon testing it out.   My initial thoughts?   This is going to take A LOT of practice!   And that’s okay: because, while outside of my current field of experience, it’s also a ton of fun to use, so I plan on having fun along the way!

Below are a few shots, both macro and portrait, that I took while playing around this afternoon. Unfortunately my shots do not do the lens’ capabilities justice (nor do the low light late afternoon conditions of my living room!) but I was still blown away by the detail this lens is able to capture.   I may write up some extended thoughts on the matter after I’ve had a month or two to really get a feel for it, and in the meantime…. on to another thirty day challenge!

Gallery wall.

Rounding off the hallway updates was the installation of this gallery wall.  This was a deceptively easy project, one that gets put off for fear of time vs. difficulty but, with a power drill, cardboard placeholders for the frames (Pinterest win), and a little patience Mark and I developed a good working rhythm and got all of the frames up on the wall in good time.  I went with white frames with white mat (IKEA RIBBA frames) and I love how they look, allowing the colours in the photographs to really pop.  Mark and Maddie absolutely love it as well, which gives me a bit of that “job well done” feeling.

Featured in our gallery wall are photos of family, both this core unit of four and the larger group of aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents, wedding photos, instagrams, a few bits of expat art I made, and the wonderful commission piece from Johnny.   I love how together it’s a portrait of us, something I hope it will always continue to be, even as prints inevitably get switched out over time.

The gallery wall marks the end of the bigger home improvement projects I wanted to do around the flat this year (just in time for the weather to be warming up!). With only much smaller bits here and there left to handle, I’m ready to be moving on to new projects!