Dexter: Two Months.

With each passing week I feel like we get to know a little bit more about this little person who only just joined us a short two months ago.  Dexter is such a happy-go-lucky little boy, spending his alert periods throughout the day smiling and cooing, all the while waving his little arms and kicking his legs as he “plays” on his jungle mat.  In month two he found his hands, which subsequently found his gob, and he happily chews on them throughout the day.  His hands are open now, and sometimes it looks as though he may be trying to interact with objects, but then the hand promptly balls into a fist as he uppercuts himself (the poor dear) and I think maybe not quite.   One thing he is doing in a controlled manner with his hands is that adorably-sweet “kneading the breast” thing babies do when they are nursing, and it makes my heart swell.

Dexter still has an evening fussy period where he is both trying to cluster feed right before bedtime and plagued by terrible gas.  Usually we just wait it out and try to help by moving his legs, and once the gas passes he is out for the count for a good few hours.   He still wakes two to three times a night (which Mark and I usually tag team), on the rare occasion more, and sometimes we have mornings like this one, where he decides 5:30am is a splendid time to begin the day (Maddie is on Half-Term break, give me the extra hour, child!).

Yet each day usually unfolds uneventfully into the next in a comfortable rhythm with this happy little boy of mine and a mummy who is very much happy as well.  Loving my days spent at home with this little one!

Dexter this month:

  • Swiftly growing back the hair lost last month.
  • Brown hair, eyes are almost fully brown.
  • Getting better at lifting his head / shoulders in tummy time.  Often will worm his way across the mat during a session.  Looks a bit like a fish out of water.
  • Started cooing!
  • Kneading / hugging during nursing sessions.
  • Starting to develop some delicious fat rolls in places.
  • Loves to sit upright using the nursing boppy as a support.
  • Awake for longer periods in the day with distinct “nap times” starting to develop.
  • Loves: playing on his jungle mat, swinging in his chair, cuddling with just about anybody, watching his big sister do big kid things, having his legs and feet massaged, and of course… eating.
  • Hates:  tummy time, gas.
  • New nicknames:  Guy Smiley, Muppet.


Disney’s Brave and Princess Merida are among the hot topics of our household as of late, and Maddie’s become quite taken with her own bow. And despite my asking she not loose the arrow while I was doing my own style of “shooting” she did, in fact, shoot me in the boob.  It’s hard to get mad, as it’s kind of what I love about her.

I used to be an adventurer like you, until I took an arrow to the boob.

Tangible keepsakes.

For as great as I’ve been at digitally documenting our lives for the last five and a bit years on the blog, I’ve been terrible at keeping up with physical copies of these precious memories. After all, when your camera shutter count racks up a good twenty thousand photos a year, sorting through the still-massive number of “keepers” can seem like the world’s most daunting task. Through my own paranoia of losing my photos, I’ve backed them up to both Flickr and Dropbox cloud storage as well as take regular backups of the blog itself, but there is something so reassuringly solid about finally taking the step and getting these photobooks done that I’ve been meaning to start since shortly after Maddie’s first birthday.

The first of many, this forty-five page book covers my pregnancy with Maddie, and her first year up to and including her first birthday.  I included letters I had written to the baby known as Little Doodle for so long, ultrasounds, on up through birth and each month of her first year of life.  I could kick myself, as it occurred to me only after receiving it in the post that I had forgotten to include Maddie’s birth story, but c’est la vie… perhaps once I’m all up to date and have made a start on our first family yearbook (marked by Dexter’s arrival) I’ll reorder a fixed copy. But for now I’m completely happy with this treasure, happy I’m finally making a start on getting physical copies of all of these precious photos.   Not only have I sorted us out for a series of books containing all of our adventures, but the grandparents are now sorted for Christmases and birthdays for years to come!   I’m about three-fourths of the way done with Maddie’s second year, and plan on doing a book for her third year, a book of my pregnancy with Dex, bump shots and blog posts, and then I’ll make a start from Summer 2014 on up to present day and, providing I keep on top of it, each summer will bring a new book to add to our collection.

This was one of my monthly goals, to finish and order the first book, and I’m happy to say I have.  What once seemed like an impossible task of going back years to do these, I’ve found I’ve had loads of fun reminiscing with Mark and enjoying podcasts whilst I work on them.   Looking forward to getting more of these done!