Our weekend.

Saturday pub lunch, country walk, and brief paddle along the river by Mark and Maddie (aka Lewis and Clark).  Sunday we had a lazy day in, cooked a lovely Sunday roast, made a few lavender candles with Maddie, and relaxed as a family.   Mark and I have vowed to start getting in the photos more with the kids, as one thing we realised in doing all of our family yearbooks is that we don’t feature much, which is starting to change in a big way… we want Maddie and Dex to be able to look back and see us in the photos as well.    Of course, this means handing off my proper camera every once in a while!

Dexter: Eight Months.

Dexter is entering this amazing phase of babyhood whereby he’s becoming increasingly interactive, increasingly playful, AND increasingly mobile.   Despite not being able to crawl just yet, he can usually spin, roll, and flop his way a short distance.   He loves to play and has a number of toys he expresses favouritism for.  He’s still going through a clingy phase where he greatly prefers Mummy, but can be persuaded to hang out with others for a time.

Also new this month: the back to front roll, babbling, and supporting himself with his legs.  In fact, I had booked an appointment with the GP over getting increasingly concerned over his lack of willingness to support himself on his legs… and wouldn’t you know not five minutes before we get called into the GP’s office he does it, twice.   It was almost as if he went “Oh THAT’s what you’ve been on about?” and then proceeded to jump, plie, pirouette and end with jazz hands. Now he does it all the time, go figure.

Dex went through a rough patch with teething last week, which meant it was hard on all of us. His teeth STILL haven’t made an appearance yet, but the bottom front ones look like they may break the skin any day now.   Sleep could still be better, and the recent teething doesn’t help, but we’re getting by.   This week he’s mostly back to his normal, cheery self… and I’m very happy to have my happy little boy back.

Dexter this month:

  • Now weighs 21.7 pounds.
  • Two months strong on solids, has not met a fruit or veg he doesn’t like!  Still breastfeeds.
  • Has started babbling in strings of “babababababa,” “lalalalalala,” etc
  • Teething, no teeth yet… although those bottom two are going to pop through any day now.
  • Finally supporting weight with legs.
  • Rolling front to back and back to front.
  • Expressing preferences for people, toys, objects, etc.
  • Clingy phase: needs Mummy!
  • First cold.
  • Tried ice cream… loved it!
  • New nicknames: Muggins.


Note: Despite my recent post regarding what would be shared on the blog moving forward, I’ve made one exception in continuing on Dex’s monthly update posts, as we’re nearing the last few months of his first year.