Halloween 2014.

Maddie has been waiting for Halloween ever since we got her the Wonder Woman costume for her updated family portrait, so imagine her surprise when she woke up today to find a fresh pumpkin awaiting carving, an afternoon of rockpooling with her Grandpa, followed by the day’s crescendo: donning the costume and heading out to run around like a maniac and get chocolate.  Mark took her out trick-or-treating whilst I stayed in with Dexter, still not feeling one-hundred percent after his immunisations yesterday.  I was a bit disappointed I didn’t get to see my big girl enjoy her evening, but I did manage to sneak out with her before the light completely faded to get a few shots of my little Wonder Woman.


Many mornings cuddled in with both children as Maddie’s half term break continues, dinner out with the family, and evenings spent plowing away at more photobooks. This week has been family-focused as Mark and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary, days entertaining both kids on rainy half term afternoons while evenings are spent curled up with the husband or nostalgically going back through memories and photos over the years as I continue to compile them into family yearbooks.   I finished and ordered our first family yearbook (2011 – 2012) and am currently about halfway done with the second yearbook (2012 – 2013).  With even more books to go (including yearbook 2013 – 2014, Dexter’s pregnancy and birth book, and a start needing to be made on both yearbook 2014 – 2015 and Dex’s first year) I find I’m enjoying the project more and more, each book improved over the last as I begin to figure out new ways of using the photobook maker’s rather limited interface to create better and better page compositions.

This week I decided to check to see where I was in regards to fitting back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, and to my surprise I found I’m able to wear most of my stuff again, including skinny jeans.  The last long weeks of pregnancy spent not doing much else other than sleeping, coupled with all the couchsurfing done in those early weeks after Dexter’s arrival were taking a toll on me physically, most notably chronic back ache; which is why I started a reasonable strength training regimen at seven weeks postpartum.  Within the week the back ache was gone as I began to strengthen long dormant muscles, and now three weeks in I’ve noticed so many other benefits as well (not the least of which getting the jeans up and buttoned), and it’s made me really excited about exercising again.   It’s going to take a long while to get back to where I want to be, and longer still for the skin, which stretched for nine months while I grew our wonderful little boy, to tighten again; but for the first time I’m finally okay with that.

Looking forward to Trick or Treating, celebrating the husband’s thirty-sixth birthday, and maybe getting out for some family photos (if we could just have one weekend without rain!).