Hallway makeover.

Okay, so I realise this is hardly an accurate comparison of ‘before and afters’ but I, as I have discovered, can never seem to remember to take befores before starting the work!  The befores are phone pictures while the afters were taken with my proper camera, but it’s all I have of what the hall looked like before so…. roll with it.

Painting this hall was a job and a half.   As you can see it comprises the stairwell leading up into our flat from our front door, the current level, and another flight of steps up to the second floor. I not only painted all of the walls and ceilings (ceilings are 12-15 feet high and the same colour as the walls), but also allllllllllllllllll of the doorframes (inside and out), baseboards, banister railings and poles (three different banisters), underneath the bloody stairs, and the front door.   The front door was painted with leftover blue paint that is the colour of our living room / office and adds a nice little pop of colour at the bottom of an otherwise dim stairwell.  We replaced the light shade with a more modern white one (and put in a “natural cool light” bulb which I’m not sure I like), and rehung most of the pictures back on the wall (still need to rehang the large Kandinsky). In the next year or so I would really like to replace the carpeting as well (and by ‘I’ I mean professionals!).

I’ve achieved most of what I set off to do on this home improvement crusade:  I painted over the useless chalkboard paint in the kitchen and established the family command centre, gave the small half-bath a makeover, and now this: painting this behemoth of a hall.  I’m glad I was able to accomplish 95% of the work while Dexter napped in the afternoons, but maaaaan did it begin to take a toll!    After a while it really stopped being fun, so in the end I just wrapped up and called it done (I can always give doors a fresh coat some other time!).  But now?  It’s all finally done, and all that is left is smaller decor projects, such as putting up a gallery wall in the hallway, finding a rug for the living room, and switching up the art a bit, and I’m excited about these fun little jobs but will enjoy a nice break from the DIY first!