With more people to share in our Thanksgiving abroad this year than ever before, I am thankful for knowing so many awesome Americans here in the UK.   Even though I consider myself quite adjusted to that monumental move I made now almost six years ago, it’s so incredibly special to be able to share in this holiday from our homeland with people who understand the importance of maintaining the tradition.    We picked the turkey up at 8am, fresh from the butcher’s, and it was only after midnight that we said goodbye to the last of our friends.   We had good food, fantastic company, lots of laughs, and the sheer contentment that comes with being surrounded by those who understand you in ways so many others cannot.  Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow ‘Muricans abroad.

  • mitzy

    Is this an invite only event or do you have to belong to some grou? II’m an expat on the UK but looking for groups expecially for new years, Christmas and the 4th get togethers.

    • http://www.awesomeville.co.uk/ Nicky @ Awesomeville.co.uk

      Drop me an email, let’s talk!

  • sabrina montagnoli

    Hope you had a good day!