Today we went out with our friends for brunch, and then onto Spring Barn Farm to let the Maddie and her friend Maisie run off some energy.   They got to groom some ponies, jump on a giant trampoline, and made friends with a rabbit.   With lambing season just beginning, hopefully feeding bottles to baby lambs is just around the corner!

  • tamarsb

    What a lovely weekend. I am ready for winter to finally end here so I want to do more on a Sunday thatn sleep late, have pancakes, and relax!

  • Karoline Liley

    Looks awesome! What a lovely scenic spot for some farm fun!

  • SaveEveryStep

    Beautiful views, cutest donkey in the world, AND swings?!! Looks like a perfect day out!

  • sabrina montagnoli

    Looks like a fabulous afternoon.