New look, new About Page, and a few blog fixes.


So… a few months ago I realised with growing horror there is a substantial amount of older blog posts missing all of their images.  A while ago, I used a Flickr WordPress plugin for over a year to import my photos into posts via shortcodes.  Over time (and blog server moves) the plugin became lost, and I could not find it again.   So after dragging my feet over starting the task for months, I finally dedicated the several HOURS it took to go through hundreds of blog posts, locate the image ID, and replace the shortcode with HTML.    But it was necessary: I don’t want to look back and not see the photos.  So if you’ve previously seen only black squares on my older posts that get posted to Twitter from the archives, this problem is now fixed. Let this be a lesson kids: plugins come and go, but HTML is forever.

Awesomeville now uses a global distributed network for loading, so all of those big images I’m always posting should (within the next 24 hours) start loading with lightning speed, no matter where in the world you’re viewing.

I’ve also spent a little time refining the previous look to Awesomeville, polishing things up, and making it more personal and unique.   I’ve redone my previous About Page infographic, incorporating the awesome artwork Johnny Segura did of our family, and I’m quite proud of my work in giving the whole infographic a comic book look. Check it out HERE.  Some evenings, after all the photos have been edited and sorted, creating new things for the blog is a relaxing, artistic outlet.

  • tamarsb

    What a task! Looks great. You’re super savvy at keeping your blog looking awesome!

  • andeering

    Looking good!! Always nice to cross things like this off the to-do list, right?

  • SaveEveryStep

    Loving the Infographic!