October round-up.

WOW…. What a month!   Last month I mentioned I had been going through a bit of a down period:  unable to find the motivation to do school work, house work, or much of anything, not even things that normally bring me pleasure, as evidenced by the lack of photos and books read last month.   The final due date for my neurobiology project crept closer and closer without me having so much as started the damned thing, something that is so unlike me my friends started commenting on it.   The project, along with virtually everything else, became this insurmountable hill on the horizon, one that terrified me to even look at the ever-growing “to-do” list.   When I was down to a week left before the due date, I finally pulled my head out of my ass, buckled down, and started working.   I started getting parts of the project and report done, which made me feel good, which lead to being productive in other areas of my life, which lead back to working even harder on this final project.   I got it turned in the day before it was due, manically cleaned the entire flat top to bottom, and was finally able to kick back, relax, and enjoy a day off without this gigantic thing hanging over my head.

As a result of feeling down the past few months, I indulged in my hobbies this month, having completely smashed my goal of 50 books for the year.  Now at 76 (which includes graphic novel volumes) I’m curious to see if I can’t hit 100 by the end of the year.  I’ve got 24 to go and two months…. I think I can!   I also finished up Preacher, hitting my goal to read at least one comic series.  Don’t let the volumes for Preacher listed below fool you though, I marked em all off as read this month even though it’s something I’ve been slowly working my way through over the last couple of months.  It was alright, but I just couldn’t get into it, which probably lowers my nerd-cred to say because it’s one of the most celebrated comics of all time.   I then blew through 17 volumes of The Walking Dead in under two weeks, which I think is evidence to say I LOVED IT!   Now I’ve started my third comic series for the year, Y: The Last Man and I’m enjoying it thus far.

But it’s more than just reading, it’s my photography as well. I read The War of Art this month, a book that’s been sitting on my shelf unread for over three years, and it really motivated me to “just do it.”  I took more photos this month than ever before, just over 2,500.  I practiced and practiced… and practiced… and practiced.   I shot everything, from my first clients to friends to Moo.   I indulged my imagination at every turn, and was rewarded with this electrifying creativity running through my veins, crackling at the ends of my fingertips, eager to create.   I put a lot of thought, time, and energy into this month’s big photoshoot, “A Little Red” and lost myself in costume pieces and post-editing technique.  I stopped dicking about and made the last decisions needing to be made on building my brand for Photo Indigo, and I feel as though I’ve created a very clean, professional product.  I feel READY.  I’m still working on adding more text and content to my portfolio website, and I’m also learning a bit about my husband’s web design and SEO business as well so I can help it grow … 2013 is going to be a very interesting year for us as we up both our games with our businesses.

But where I’ve come off strong, I’ve let other things slide… namely healthy eating and exercise.  I’ve not been the best behaved when it comes to snacking and I’ve shamefully not exercised in over a month after landing wrong during Insanity and spraining my ankle.   I am looking to start up Insanity again in the next week or two, as it’s really the only video workout I can stand (aka: not start picking people in the video to HATE because they’re peppy lol).

A few things I’m looking forward to in November:  Mark’s birthday, our 2nd annual Americans in the UK Thanksgiving, putting up all the Christmas decor, all night Walking Dead marathon with Alicja, and many nights with a fire in the fireplace and a good book.

Resolution progress 2012:

  • Register for a fall course DONE!  Cell Biology has begun!
  • 1 Comic SeriesDONE!  I read two, and started my third.

More awesomeness from October: 

– Moo in her Halloween costume!

– Photographed Titchfield Abbey.

Mark and I celebrated five years of marriage.

– Photo set: Moo, a walk in the woods.

– Had my very first clients for my photography business, an engagement shoot!  They loved the pictures.

– Attended Brighton Zombie Walk 2012.

– Had a two year old idea come to fruition with the photo set “A Little Red.”  I am so pleased with how everything turned out.

– Finished all 103 issues of The Walking Dead.

– Finally had all the pieces come together for the client gift box I’ve built for my business.

– Submitted my final Neurobiology project report, and my Cell Biology course started just two days later. No rest for the wicked!

– Photographed Waverley Abbey.

– Mom had her plane ticket booked, she’s coming to spend Christmas and New Years with us!  So excited!

  • http://www.heartcaptured.com/ Shannon

    Yay to having MOM there for the holidays! You’re really lucky that your parents can come and visit so often. Congratulations on very successful month!