Stories Volume 1.


Stories Volume 1 is the first in a two part series comprising over one hundred and fifty short stories by Ray Bradbury.  This massive thousand page first volume contains one hundred short stories by the celebrated author, each so unique, imaginative, and engrossing I found it hard to put down.  In fact, out of one hundred stories I think there was only about half a dozen that I didn’t care for… an amazing track record given this all-encompassing sample of his work.  A few of the short stories I had read before in The Illustrated Man but they were such a treat I re-read them as they appeared in the collection. I particularly enjoyed the stories concerning space travel and life on other planets such as Mars, Mercury, and Venus; the subject matter holds a certain nostalgia for a time where imagination was unburdened by scientific evidence and it was indeed a possibility we could one day visit and walk upon Venus.

As it would be near impossible to review such a collection of vastly different works, I thought I would list my favorites and, needless to say, I’ll be picking up volume two shortly!  Favorites include:

The Scythe

There Will Come Soft Rains

Mars is Heaven

The Million-Year Picnic

The Last Night of the World

The Veldt

The Long Rain


Dark They Were, and Golden-Eyed

I Sing the Body Electric!


The Off Season

The Long Rain

Frost and Fire (MY FAVORITE OF ALL TIME!!!)